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The Renewable Connection

There is a global move towards more renewable electrical energy resources.

A key factor in this move is energy storage, since renewables such as wind and solar are intermittent suppliers of energy.

To be practical the energy storage must be large to keep not only small but large industries ‘ON’.

In addition, storage can be used to flatten the demand profile thereby reducing use of grid energy at peak times.

There are many industries with waste heat problems, we like to see this as not a problem but as a ‘heat resource’, which can be exploited!

By leveraging this resource CES can be made more efficient during cryogen expansion.

The colocation of CES with industries with a heat resource will help protect from outages, reduce energy costs, and encourage a move to a more reliable renewable energy system.

• Encourage a move to carbon free renewables
• Exploit waste heat opportunities
• Balance electrical energy demand with renewable energy supply
• Reduce electricity peak demand

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