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Cryogenic Energy Storage System (CESS) - it is a simple idea!

During times of generation of excess electrical energy or low grid electricity cost, a gas is liquified to cryogenic temperatures and stored in a vessel much like a thermo-flask. The vacuum jacket of the thermo-flask keeps the cryogen in liquid form for days.

The excess electrical energy can be renewable based and stored for later use!

During times of high demand for electrical energy or high grid electricity cost, the stored cryogen is pumped at high pressure into a heat exchange at room temperture. The cryogen boils and there is a huge increase in volume and pressure which drives a turbine to generate electricity.

Other than being a
clean technology with a long-life time, CESS has several advantages over other storage technologies:

More Storage - the technology is very scalable, in order to store more energy, one merely has to add more vessels.

Energy Storage - a CESS is second to pumped-hydro, and is capable of storing 100s of MWh!

Grid services - CESS can help with grid balancing, voltage support, frequency response and synchronous inertia.

Location - Compared to other MWh storage technologies CESS does not require a specific location such as pumped-hydro or compressed- air storages systems.

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